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  • How to Cancel Subscription

    1. Open your "Settings" app
    2. Tap on your name
    3. Tap on "Subscriptions"
      *In case you can't find "Subscriptions", tap on "iTunes & App Store". Then, tap on "Apple ID:", select "View Apple ID" and sign in to your account. Swipe down and tap on "Subsciptions".
    4. Select the icon of the app to cancel
      *If you can't find the app, click here
    5. Tap on "Cancel Subsciption"
      *If "Cancel Subscription" doesn't appear, it means that your app had already been canceled
  • Supported OS


    iOS12 or later
    *excluding iPad and iPod

    Please note that the information may be changed or updated without prior notice. Consider changing device or updating out-dated OS to continue using SELF MIND.
  • Contact Us

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