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Automating the Best Solutions

Filtering the most relevant and essential information from the internet has become increasingly difficult with information overload. At SELF Inc., we develop AI communication systems that help provide users with the best suggestions possible.

Company Profile

  • Company name : SELF Inc.
  • Date founded : November 13, 2014
    Capital : 376 million yen
  • Company website : https://self.systems/ (This site is only available in Japanese.)
  • App website : https://selfmind.ai/
  • Number of employees : 30

Leadership Team:

CEO : Nukumi Shinji
COO : Keigo Nakaji
CTO : Kohei Yoshida
CFO : Fumiaki Sato
CSO & CPO : Yusuke Murakami


6F La Tour Shinjuku 6-15-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku,
Tokyo 160-0023 Japan