Will You Press the Button?

Everything in our life can be a potential seed for worrying and stress. It affects all of us. How good are you with coping with the stress you come to face with? One method to reduce stress involves pressing an imaginary button in the palm of youe hand. Imagine the button is connected to your brain. Then, as you push the button, it sends signals to your mind to “turn off” all negative and stressful thoughts. In reality, it’s a little more complicated than that. This article will show you how to practice this method in detail. Will you press the button?

Push the Button to Reduce Stress

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”

– Wayne Dyer
(American writer & speaker)

Stress can manifest itself as both emotional and physical influences on our well-being, and the list of the negative impact it has on us is long. Learning how to handle our stress can increase our happiness and health.

Dr. Don Joseph Goewey is the author of the book The End of Stress: Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain. He is also a pioneer in breakthrough approaches to overcome catastrophic life events. In his book, he explains how our auto-pilot perpetual stress reactions can be trained to sustain calmness. One of the tools he uses called the “Clear Button” method works great on acute stress and worries. If you are feeling the need to reduce stress instantly, this is a great exercise to try. Keep reading to find out how to push the button!

The 6 Steps to the Clear Button Method

Push the imaginary clear button to reduce stress

1. Imagine a Button in Your Palm

Imagine a button at the center of your palm. When you push the button, it sends a signal to the primitive brain to stop negative, stressful, or pessimistic thoughts or judgments.

Push the button

2. Push the Button

Push the button on your palm. As you keep pressing, slowly bring your attention to your breathing.

Countdown to reduce stress

3. The Red Breath

Take a breath. On the inhale, count “1”. Then on the exhale, think red.

Countdown to reduce stress

4. The Blue Breath

Take another breath. On the inhale, count “2”. Then on the exhale, think blue.

Countdown to reduce stress

5. The Green Breath

Take a third breath. On the inhale count “3”. Then on the exhale, think green.

Will you press the button?

6. Let Go

Take one more breath and on the exhale, let your mind go completely. Relax into the present moment. Assert your intention to be at peace as you relate to whatever challenge you face. Be confident in the clarity your state of calm now affords you.

Push the Button Whenever You Feel Stressed

How did that feel? According to Dr. Goewey, we can steal away our attention from the primitive parts of the brain that focus on survival (a.k.a. the part that creates our worries), by when you push the imaginary button and count. This also temporarily takes out your negative thoughts, helping to reduce stress. Concentrating on the steps can be difficult when stress levels are high. However, even if your attention wanders into other thoughts, there’s no need to panic. Just calmly re-focus and get back to the step you were at.

Will You Press the Button?

Stress can be positive in small doses. It helps us stay focused, accomplish goals, boost memory, and provide us the necessary survival reactions at times of crisis. However, prolonging stress can be detrimental to our mental and physical health. Having tips on how to cope with stressful times can help you manage a healthier mind and body. Next time a stressful situation occurs, try push the button to help reduce stress instantly!

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Image: Unsplash

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